28 Mart 2013 Perşembe

virtual exhibition manifesto
this is not a process of transference of works to the virtual medium after an exhibition.
this is not a process of transference of works from any exhibition.
this is an exhibition itself and you will come across the works  
for the first time here.
so to say, the works that you come across are original. they are neither for buying / selling nor for hanging on the walls. you can use them as a desktop image as you wish, that is it.
and besides it, if you wish to hang a print of it on the wall, you can. nobody could stop it, won’t stop it. enjoy it..
there is no need for a concrete, roofed place with walls and rules to be able to see / talk about art and for a thought to become effective. after all, a blog-place is an ‘exhibition house’ which its door is always open.
this is not an exhibition hall that stays open for a day, a week or a month but posted forever to the virtual world. it is going to be here all the time.
everybody is an artist and only ‘desire’ seems critical. the one desiring, will be making or makes his / her own house.
uygar asan
january 2013


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